Bboy Thesis Breaks It Down: SETS vs FREESTYLE

This is a subject that needs to be addressed. You can’t tell me otherwise because this comes from experience. This is about sets and freestyle.

Sets are concepts constructed into a story. It literally is a reflection of our perception and contribution to this dance. You don’t enter a poetry slam or grindtime battle without written material. That would be suicide. The caliber that we compete at, it’s smartest to have sets. Don’t get me wrong, I freestyle more than I throw sets… but the of music doesn’t care if you do sets or freestyle. What matters is how much you represent. Your style, your story, your time and your HISTORY. Every moment should be appreciated.

Just remember, every bboy that took this shit serious never went in without being prepared. We have definitely evolved, but look at the beginning of time. The way the foundational construction of the rounds had a formula. A strategy… a SET.

Sets Vs. Freestyle = Nothingness.

They are one in the same. I wouldn’t of never came up with any of my sets without freestyling first. Duh! It’s called professionalism.

BOOM. You are now educated. No one else couldn’t explain it, so here it is from someone that knows what he’s talking about. You’re welcome. Peace.

SOURCE: Bboy Thesis via Facebook

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