Breaking can be learned, Bboying must be earned.

(5 min. read)

If you don’t break from your heart you ain’t a bboy” -Bboy Thesis

It’s safe to say that there’s a fine line that separates a breakdancer from a bboy. While a bboy is breaking, a breakdancer is not necessarily always bboying. Being a bboy ain’t for everybody. Bboying is a lifestyle and with that being said, who draws that line?

The answer is STYLE. None of us are built the same, we come from different surroundings, and it all plays a part in finding your Bboy/Bgirl style. We all heard the term “Everything’s been done”, and it’s true, There are only a certain amount of breakdance moves that one can learn…it’s called foundation. Bboying is unique because of its infinite styles. Style is what makes a bboy. There are countless styles in this dance, but the only style you can have, is your OWN style. And you must earn it. The following are some ways a Bboy or Bgirls style can be earned.

Create Something New & Do You– practice, train, learn the foundations that your body allows. There is a right way to execute breakdance moves. (If you’re getting hurt, your doing it wrong) every move has its own set of rules that will contribute to the moves esthetic. ie: nutcracker vs handcuffs or 3-step vs 6-step. Master the rules of each movea, then break them, when the rules are broken, something new is created and we find style. Note: Always pay tribute to the originator while learning the move by doing your research and by performing it as correctly as you can.

Crew Membership/Loyalty– One way to ensure you are doing moves correctly is by getting creative criticism. Breaking by yourself can only take you so far, and open sessions are cool until it’s jam day and some dude is doing your move. The bboy spirit is highly built within a crew because you are helping one on other grow along the way. Crew mentally is something that a few share and it shapes all of you. A crew is not only a team at jams, it’s all the time, especially when you’re starting out. Your crew is like family. Find your place in your crew. More on crew loyalty at THE VALUE OF CREW 101.

Cypher and Battle– that’s it. Don’t worry about losing, even the pros admit that they’ve lost more than they’ve won. Represent!

Breakin’ is commercialized and can be monetized EVEN if you’re hella wack. But Bboys could care less, because bboying is priceless as long as you’re staying true.

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