The Value of Crew 101

(5 min. read)

First of all let’s start with, what is a crew? According to google’s dictionary; it states “a group of people who works closely together”. However, in our world we consider the term crew as something much bigger, family is what makes a crew… well.. at least that was what I was taught when I was growing up.

Today, I notice “crews” without the family essence. There is no brothers or sisters that we can grow with like we used to, there’s just strangers who we consider “crew”, strangers whom we don’t even know their first name. At what point in history caused these cosmos to be rearranged in an order where it is absurd? Nowadays, it’s about the skill, it’s like ‘if you are good enough, you can be a part of the team’. The term team, according to google’s dictionary, I quote; “a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport”. But in this post I am not talking about a football team, I am talking about crews, real crews, and what it really is.

Real crews is simply a group of people that GROWS together. You don’t just get added in so easily, like a team…it takes time, sometimes years to get to know each individual on a personal level, to be a part of the crew. So in conclusion, what I am really trying to say is… the real crews will always survive because of the chemistry that holds them together, but teams that are just in it to win, and add people in the squad because there is no faith in the original crew doesn’t last. Well at least in the long run. The truth is in this game, losing is more important than winning. Losing together and growing until you achieve something higher than a win… You acquire the term “crew”, and only then will you be able to be triumphant.

Now ask yourself.

Are you in a REAL crew?

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